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Free! Recovery is a team of compassionate Christian workers, reaching out to people struggling with life-controlling issues; from the really addicted gambler, alcohol or drug user to those trapped in porn, eating issues, self-harm and everything in between. This ministry began with what God did, and is still doing, in our lives.  He set us free! and is still completing the work.  We could not do this work alone, and still can't.  We need a team around us; praying, being a part of our recovery work, and contributing financially for the work to go ahead. 

After many years of coming alongside those with life-controlling, addictive habits; 1-2-1 work, support group and creating resources, we now have a UK charity registered here in the UK and Wales.  Our desire is to see support groups with biblical teaching and a Christ-centred focus be a part of local churches throughout the UK and abroad. 

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