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Training for starting a local Free! group can take place in your local church or on Zoom.

There will be a cost for this. This will vary according to which you choose. All material and videos will be available in downloadable/streaming format.  

More information at

Who is the training for? 

Anyone who desires to facilitate a support group either with the main Free! ministry or facilitate a new Free! support group ministry in their local church, community or online. 

What is covered?



Part 1:  The basics of starting such a ministry with opportunities to ask questions relevant to your local situation.

You have a desire to come alongside others in their struggles, you have heard about support groups, you sense God might be leading you to form a group in your church. Now what?

The differences between facilitating a Bible study and a support group.

The use of Bible and prayer within a group.

Basics of what is included in a Free! support group.

Touching on safeguarding and risk issues. 

Part 2: 

How to use teaching content in a support group setting?

A deeper look at listening.


Why is "STOP" such a hard concept?  The chasm between " I want/need/don't want to stop" and actually stopping. 

Part 3:  (in process for later in the year)

What to say and when? A flexible look at the types of issues that can arise in support group work. 

Addiction insights: A closer look.

Who you could meet in your congregation and how to come alongside.

When to signpost and be realistic as to capacity level of your local church/organisation. 

The help  Free! ministry could provide as you embark on coming alongside others with addictive issues. 


To be decided

We can facilitate a training anytime if you are noticing a need to come alongside addictions/life-controlling issues in your church or local community. 

Just identify potential leaders/facilitators in your church with a heart for this work.  It would be a joy to help them facilitate a work that will reach not only the wider community but also people in your congregation.

There will be a greater need for a "coming alongside" others as we navigate moving forward out of the crises we have been experiencing and navigating the many present national crises. 

If we can be a resource and help in any way please connect via 

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