All training for Free! is on Zoom at the moment!

Who is the training for? 

Anyone who desires to facilitate a support group either with the main Free! ministry or facilitate a new Free! support group ministry in their local church, community or online. 

What is covered?

Part 1:  The basics of starting such a ministry with opportunities to ask questions relevant to your local situation.

You have a desire to come alongside others in their struggles, you have heard about support groups, you sense God might be leading you to form a group in your church. Now what?

The differences between facilitating a Bible study and a support group.

The use of Bible and prayer within a group.

Basics of what is included in a Free! support group.

What support the Free! team can give to you as you set out.

Touching on safeguarding and risk issues. 

Part 2: 

How to use teaching content in a support group setting?

A deeper look at listening.

What to say and when? A flexible look at the types of issues that can arise. 


Why is "STOP" such a hard concept?  The chasm between " I want/need/don't want to stop" and actually stopping. 


Wednesday Evenings

PART 1: FEB 17, 2020 7-8:30 pm

PART 2: FEB 24, 2020 2-8:30 pm



PART 1: FEB 20, 2020 11-12:30 pm

PART 2: FEB 24, 2020 2-3:30 pm