A hidden life....A hurting wife...

One afternoon, about 4 years ago, Saul connected with me via our church website and we met in my office for coffee.  He told me his story.


Saul had a life controlling issue.  He was controlled by sex, and pornography. He was addicted.


He is married, and he and his wife have no children.  One day, Saul's wife discovered his hidden, secret life. 


She confronted Saul, and he left. He moved out.  He spent the next 4 years chasing his addiction.  Then one day, God got his attention, and he and his wife reconciled.  She was extremely forgiving and full of grace, they are Christians.

Saul moved back in.  He and his wife got a safe; his computer, cell phone, and tablet were kept in the safe when he was not in the same room as his wife.  The internet browser was removed from his phone. 

He had no access to porn. The external trigger/temptation to sin had been removed.


Saul got back involved in church. He joined a men's group, and reached out to me for help.  He did the Recovery Course while we were still presenting it (prior to Free!), a couple of times, and got involved, enthusiastically, with leading and facilitating groups.

Saul became a part of the team.


Then, during summer break, July & August, he discovered how to access porn on his phone.  When the Fall term started in September that year, Saul was nowhere to be found.

He was gone; enslaved again by his secret addiction... 

his life-controlling issue...

his sin....


I would reach out to him occasionally, and usually got no response; for the next 3 years.  

I continued to pray for him.


Enter 2021, and a new term of Free! Recovery. Saul reached out to me, and asked if he could attend!  Of course, I said, and was praising the Lord that Saul was back!  He had got to the place where he was tired of his sin. He confessed yet again to his wife, who had many times wanted to leave but somehow God had held her back, and this time was not different.  He truly seems to desire to make Christ his focus and not the sin that had stolen so many years. 


God had answered my prayers.


Saul is back, and he really needs our prayers. 

Please commit to pray for Saul, and we would love you to support our on-going effort, with him and others, financially. (Click below)