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Free! Recovery Course

A 10 week, 10 session course, rooted in the book of Galatians, helping the addicted in the church and the surrounding community find freedom and relief in Christ Jesus.  Each session takes a different theme related to recovery, seen through the lens of the Apostle Paul, with a couple of excursions into the Old Testament. A key verse is central together with relevant stories.  These sessions are the teaching component of single-sex, mixed issue support groups set up to be safe and compassionate communities, accessible to both believers and those seeking and exploring faith.  A facilitation guide plus a participation guide accompany this main course. 

Ponder Action Prayer Challenge

Three devotional guides to accompany the 10 week course.  These guides encourage participants to have a time with God each day.  They review the key verses of the main course, and principle themes.  This helps establish and  encourage the participant in the biblical concepts presented in the course. They can also be used as a one-to -one resource, an invaluable further step in the journey towards freedom in Christ. 

Ponder Action Prayer Challenge Weekly Guide

Ponder Action Prayer Challenge 70 Day Guide

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Ponder Action Prayer Challenge Joy Guide 8 Weeks

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