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JOY BOOKLET 7: Relationships

"Open my eyes to see you, Lord"

Prayer: Open my eyes and heart to what you desire to work in me today. I ask for you to help me walk in freedom and joy. Remember me, Lord, in your mercy and love.

Recap week 1: God delights in me: He celebrates when I turn to him, and seek Him

Recap week 2: There is possible purpose and hope in suffering as I turn to God and recognize that He is in control and bringing glory to Christ is the goal and prize.

Recap week 3: God longs to delight in me especially as I turn to Him and recognize that He has paid all the price for my rebellion in Christ Jesus. A new path linked with a deep joy is now possible!

Recap week 4: God is constant and knows me intimately.

Recap week 5: God has a purpose in suffering and gives a way for you have joy in spite of your struggles.

Recap week 6: Godly joy is linked with aligning with God’s Word.


Philemon 1:20: I do wish, brother, that I may have some benefit from you in the Lord; Refresh my heart in Christ

Ponder: The word, benefit means to “have joy of “ in the Greek. This links the possibility of having joy in relationships if the focus is on and in Christ.

It would be wonderful if all relationships and friendships had this focus: in the Lord and in Christ. Sadly we live in a world that is so broken that we do not refresh our hearts in Christ when we are with others. Spend a quiet moment reflecting on any broken relationships you may be experiencing. Offer them to the Lord, asking Him to heal them and deal mercifully with you as you seek to be willing to be obedient to Him.

Action: As you go about your daily journey and interact with others think about refreshing them and not burdening them. Take your eyes off yourself and look for ways to help others. Find something to be thankful for in each person you meet. If this is difficult for you ask God to help you, to give you the willingness to be obedient even in challenging times.

Remember: You cannot control another’s reaction but you can choose to change yours, with God’s help.

End of day: Pray: I thank you Lord for being with me today. Help me to know that if I am in You I am deeply loved, completely forgiven by you as if I have never sinned and always obeyed you. It is in recognising this amazing and wonderful fact that we can go on forgiving others because Christ first forgave us! This gives you what you need not to hold any grudge (a joy stealer). I encourage you deeply from my heart to lie on your bed this evening and talk to God about any difficult moments that you have had with others today! Give this to God, ask forgiveness for any part you may have had and forgive others deeply from your heart!

Thank you that this gives me such hope and strength in You. Read the daily passage again, going to sleep with Scripture on your mind.

Journaling: Write down one thing a day where you have noticed a change in your attitude to others and the times when you have been challenged.

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