Free! Recovery Course

A 10 session course, rooted in the book of Galatians, helping the addicted in the church and the surrounding community find freedom and relief in Christ Jesus.

Each session takes a different theme related to recovery, seen through the lens of the Apostle Paul, with a couple of excursions into the Old Testament. A key verse is central together with relevant stories. These sessions are the teaching component of single-sex, mixed issue support groups set up to be safe and compassionate communities, accessible to both believers and those seeking and exploring faith. A facilitation guide plus a participation guide accompany this main course.

Course Materials

Facilitation Guide

This guide makes facilitating Free! Recovery Course simple, as it provides advice for getting a group started, establishing ground rules and a step-by-step process for group meetings. The Facilitator’s Guides contains questions for your group to ponder together as a large group, as well as in smaller support groups.  The transcripts of the films are also provided for reference.

Participant's Guide

The Participant’s Guide highlights a key Bible verse for each session, along with questions for participants to reflect on while watching the session films. In addition to questions for large group and support group discussions, the guide provides material for participants to consider on their own between sessions.

Session Film

The teaching films take participants on a journey that is rooted in the book of Galatians. Each session takes a different theme related to recovery, seen through the lens of the Apostle Paul, along with a few Old Testament references. A key verse is central together with relevant stories. Participants watch the films together during group meetings.

Session Story

The story films for each session feature people sharing their experience of freedom from addictive, life-controlling behaviours. Participants watch the films together during group meetings.

Facilitating or participating in Free! Recovery requires no previous addiction recovery training or expertise; it is for anyone who wants to learn more about how the Bible speaks freedom to our life-controlling behaviors.

Course Materials

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Ponder Action Prayer Challenge

Three devotional guides to accompany the 10 week course.

These guides encourage participants to have a time with God each day. They review the key verses of the main course, and principle themes. This helps establish and encourage the participant in the biblical concepts presented in the course. They can also be used as a one-to -one resource, an invaluable further step in the journey towards freedom in Christ.

Coming soon 2023/2024


What we offer:
  • Customized training for your team in your home setting covering the basics of running a recovery support group ministry.
  • Zoom training covering the basics of a recovery ministry.
  • Short Zoom webinars on a variety of topics relevant to addictive life-controlling issues and running a support group ministry (coming in 2024).

The Free recovery course is a well devised and insightful course into looking at what the Bible really says about addiction and sin. For me looking at key scriptures that relate to my addiction offered me real identification with the scripture but also hope of a way to break the chains.Sally and John were able to really go into depth with key questions and I really really recommend this course for those exploring faith as an alternative to destructive behaviour.

Chris Sweeny, HTB Facilitator

The Addict's Choices

by John Childress
Honest & Clear
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A very clear and honest view of an addicts life, and the choices we make that leads us into a downward and destructive end, unless we are rescued by looking to the true rescuer from ourselves the shepherd of the lost sheep, the Lord Jesus our rescuer. To God Be The Glory.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 14 December 2019