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How can your church provide a compassionate, safe place for people, who are struggling with life-controlling, addictive issues.?  Is it possible to have a place, where people can safely share, feel supported and discover a sense of community?

The Free! Recovery course was created and developed to provide churches with not only a biblical teaching resource but also, a vision for coming alongside those with addictive issues. 

This course was developed by John and Sally Childress and grown with the help of the many individuals who courageously walked through the doors to find freedom.  

It is a support group ministry, which can be adapted for one-to one work.  

Course Elements

FREE! is a 10-week recovery course that provides a safe place to explore the slavery of life-controlling, addictive issues and allow them to be transformed by the hope and freedom of Jesus Christ. The following themes are explored:

Week 1: So life is out of control

Week 2: So easy to be pulled back: relapse 

Week 3: Triggers and temptations

Week 4: Let's call addictive behaviour what it is; idol worship

Week 5: Being thankful

Week 6: Circumstances, choices and consequences 

Week 7: The lies we listen to

Week 8: Children not slaves!

Week 9: Freedom

Week 10: Looking Outward

These biblical and Christ-centred themes are intended to be explored in community, an essential component of moving into the freedom and transformation that only Christ can give.

This is a journey that is rooted in the book of Galatians.  It parallels the concepts found in this book especially slavery vs. freedom. Our verse for the whole journey is


Galatians 5:1, “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Each session contains a teaching video and a story video, each about 10-15 minutes long.

There is a facilitator's guide, a participant guide and three participant daily Ponder Action Prayer Challenges (a 2-5 minute daily journey). 

A complete package contains the downloads/streaming of all the video sessions, access to the above guides and daily challenges. We do provide training, which is optional, but encourage all new facilitators to do this. There will be a cost for the training but the course videos, and all material will be provided free of charge as a part of the training. The training cost will vary as to whether it is "in house" or on Zoom.  An idea of the training is found here. 



By downloading the course each church/organisation agrees to offering support to those participating in the course ensuring that the participants are safeguarded according to their organisation's safeguarding policy.

If you would like to begin a Free! support group ministry in your local church/community, or begin a conversation, please contact  

Who is it for?

The groups are intended to be open to anyone who is struggling with an addiction, a life-controlling habit, or anyone who wants to learn more about them. (A local church community may decide the types of issues they can personally handle and those they may need to signpost elsewhere). We have had many Christians,(including church leaders) who participate for a season or two and return to their church groups, able to serve and participate more effectively as they discover freedom themselves.  We have had those, who have not yet made a commitment to Christ but were willing to look at their addictive habits through the lens of Scripture.  

How to access the course COMING SOON

The course will be fully available to churches via a completed training package. 


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