Free Recovery Support Groups


These groups exist to provide a safe place; a place of community, a place to find relief, rescue and freedom from life's tough issues: loneliness, isolation, addictive behavour and ultimately from hospitalization, criminality and prison, serious self-harm and possibly suicide or death by misadventure and loss of business, work and family break-ups.  This is how important our groups are!




Are you or a friend struggling with life controlling habits and behavour?


Are you faced with a life crisis?  


Do you want to improve your wellness and being? Do you want to change?


Then our support groups might help you find people with similar struggles who are uniting to combat those life debilitating habits and behaviour through shared experiences and wisdom!


Our support groups are ‘talking platforms’ where you can learn more about others and yourself as each one explores shared struggles.


Our support groups offer Face to Face (adhering to Covid-19 guidelines) and Online opportunities for meeting and discussion.


Our support group members share similar life experiences of controlling habits or behaviours, like addictions to gambling, alcohol, drugs, porn and or other emotional controlling feelings like anxiety, self – hatred, fear, etc.





Support group benefits: - 

  • Our support groups are moderated by groups leaders who have empathy and offer pastoral support.

  • Our group leaders are trained and or have been through or are going through similar experiences . 

  • Provide a safe space to explore more about your life controlling behaviour!

  • Combat loneliness and isolation

  • Provide you with a vocabulary (language) to express and understand more about yourself and others

  • Create spaces for identification and mutual support.

  • Through shared experiences you can gain more control over your life to overcome your personal life controlling behaviour

  • You learn new skills and ways to manage your personal issues.

  • You can discover new avenues for specialised and professional help

  • They will help you feel more relaxed and able to open up about yourself

  • Will reduce stress, anxiety and secrecy and shame and you will not be overwhelmed with ‘ I feel alone’!


MEN'S SEXUAL ISSUE GROUP 9 am Saturdays UK time

This group explores issues with pornography and other life-controlling sexual issues for men. You can join anytime. Please contact John on 07703 682080 or email  


This group follows the themes from the main Free! Recovery Course and provides biblical and Christ-centred support for those struggling with any life-controlling issues. Please contact Sally 07860 717621 or email


A place for women to explore why they struggle with destructive relational/sexual patterns and begin to tell their story in a safe Christ-centred community. This is a closed group of 6-8 participants which runs for 8 weeks. If you, and two other women, are interested please contact Sally 07860717621  or or email


This is an interactive seminar to gain a deeper understanding of the mental battle involved in tackling addictive life-controlling issues. We take a closer look at the issues of temptation, triggers and relapse. Please email


Sometimes an individual meeting with a leader is helpful. This is available to both men and women and gives the opportunity to explore specific personal issues in more depth. Email



Free! has changed my life. Being able to be totally open about my sin with people who don't judge you has been very freeing.


I found Free! a very safe and helpful first step in taking action against my addiction and selfish behaviours. Building friendship with people who understand and don't judge is invaluable. Thank you.


Life changing, thought provoking, action oriented, bathed in love, hope and joy through and with caring and supportive leaders and attendees.